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Why do rappers like big gold chains?

From glittering necklaces to dazzling gold teeth, jewelry has become part of hip-hop culture. In the United States, as a rapper, although many people rap very well, as long as there is no diamond studded chain, it is always one step away from the top. No matter men, women, old or young, as long as you ask them about their impression of rappers, their answers are always inseparable from duck tongue hats and big gold chains.
However, it is strange how the hip-hop culture born in the "poor" goes with gold, silver and jewelry? Before answering this question, we must first review the past and present lives of big gold chain and hip-hop culture.
The origin of gold and silver jewelry and hip-hop can be traced back to DJ Kool HERC, the founder of hip-hop music. At that time, DJ Kool HERC was already well-known in the local area with his excellent disc playing skills. He was keen on dressing up. He often wore gold chains, and his shape became the object of imitation by local residents.
By the 1980s, hip hop music began to develop in the United States. At that time, there were realistic singers such as Eric B and rakim, who mainly focused on lyrics, as well as modeling oriented pop groups such as legendary group run DMC. They also created the wearing formula of "sportswear + Chucky Dookie necklace".
Similar to run DMC, there is also a singer named LL Cool J. his signature match is a red fisherman's hat and a big gold chain weighing four kilograms. The shapes of the two singers are easy to think of. If a rapper wears a gold chain, it is equivalent to his success. With their popularity, dajinlianzi has gradually become the standard for successful rappers.

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