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Essential for jewelry fashion - Cuban chain

12mm Classic Cuban Chain

It's time to show your neck and wrist again. Necklaces and bracelets must be indispensable jewelry in this season,ZUUKING would like to recommend a kind of jewelry, which is very handsome and cool no matter how you wear it, because the elements contained in this kind of jewelry come from the fashion of the street. This kind of jewelry is called Cuban chain.

There are many theories about the origin of the Cuban chain, but the closest one is that it originated from rapper kurtis blow. His popularity has also driven the popularity of the Cuban chain to a certain extent. Kurtis blow often hangs the image of several big gold necklaces to shoot the album cover, so this big gold chain with iconic elements has also set off a trend of imitation in the rap circle.

There are many styles of Cuban chains, ranging from wide to thin. Precisely because of this, Cuban chains are especially suitable for wearing multiple chains together, which will have different cool styles

When wearing a Cuban chain, you don't have to worry about your clothes. It can be matched with sportswear, T-shirts or suits. All this is because the Cuban chain has enough styles and rich shapes, so there is a lot of room to choose from.

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